You have to be registered and logged in in order to make a request:
Open megamenu with icon in the upper right corner. Navigate to the “Health of my animals” section and choose “Prescriptions” link or click here.

When you want to add new prescription, please click on the “Add a prescription” button or click here.

There are several required fields to fill in. Please specify the date when your prescription had been issued.

Add files (images, pdf, etc.) that contain a scan or copy of your prescription.

Next please find products on our website that have been prescribed by your veterinarian and add them to prescription.

Insert title, CIP code or Laboratory name to search for the product. When you find it in the search results, use “plus” button to add one or more products to the prescription.

Prescription is ready to be sent if prescription date, files and products fields are filled in.

You can also add the veterinarian that had issued prescription.

Click on the “Find veterinarian” tab and use search by name or advanced search to find a veterinarian in the database.

You can add animal(s) or group of animals for which the prescription had been issued.

You can add already created animal or add a new one.

The only necessary field for animal is name. Additional information like species, breed, date of birth, sex, etc. can be added later. More animals can be added in the “My animals” section of the “Health of my animals” service.

Or you can add a group of animals.

Animals can be gathered in groups based on therapeutic, physiological, or geographical similarities. More animal groups can be added in the “My animals” section of the “Health of my animals” service.

Now your prescription is ready. Click “Save prescription” button.

The response time for your prescription (if it is a part of the drug request) is usually less than 24 hours.
When prescription is checked by our pharmacist, you will be notified. Also you will see the green check mark near the prescription in the “My prescriptions” list.

Add a new prescription